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Thread: Complete 7 BBL System

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    Complete 7 BBL System - Brewhouse and Grain Handling

    Great starter micro brewery with all the extra equipment that makes brewing and cleaning easy. Many labor saving assets and can be operated by one brewer. 15.5 & 5 gal. Kegs available. Serious inquires email

    Grain Handling
    • Silo 50,000# with Auger
    • Weighed Hopper 550# with Scale
    • Custom Automatic Grain Mill (2 rollers) with Auger

    Brew House Equipment
    • 7 BBL Kettle direct fired
    • Mash tun
    • 1.5 hp Pump
    • Plate and Frame Wort Heat Exchanger - Water and Glycol
    • 7.5 ton Cooling compressor and chiller loop for Heat Exchanger
    • All hoses, valves, and fittings

    • 5- 7bbl Grundy Tanks with Cooling jackets, valves and sanitary fittings
    • 1- 7bbl Grundy Bright Beer Tank with Cooling jacket, Carbonating Stone, valves and sanitary fittings
    • 5 ton Compressor with Glycol Cooling Loop and Controls

    • Velo 40 X 40 Plate and Frame

    Keg Cleaner and Filler
    • 4 head cleaning and filling machine with separate Acid and Caustic Tanks, Pumps and Tank Heaters

    $75,000 or OBO
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    Interested in system

    Just sent you an email, we're closing in aproximately 2 weeks so we are very interested and will soon have $$$ in hand.
    Look forward to hearing more about it!
    -Ken Mortensen

    (617) 519-8381

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