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Thread: prospective brewery in Brooklyn looking to share our equipment

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    prospective brewery in Brooklyn looking to share our equipment

    My wife and I, along with one deep-pocketed family investor, are starting up a new microbrewery in Brooklyn. We're thinking of starting up with a turnkey 20bbl system from Premier Stainless. We'll have four 40BBL unitanks and one 40BBL bright tank.

    This will be capable of producing more than 4000 BBL's annually, and we know we won't be coming anywhere close to hitting those numbers in our first few years of operation. So we're interested in making a deal with another small microbrewery to brew beer in our facility. We could arrange to share the space under an alternating proprietorship. Or simply contract brew for you.

    We can offer you up to at least 2000 BBL's/year in capacity for the first two years. There's also the possibility of continuing the arrangement longer -- we could easily expand our capacity further by purchasing more tank space to accommodate your brewery's growth alongside our own.

    This might be a great opportunity for any nanobreweries out there who are ready to kick out a little more product, without the crushing up front equipment costs. Get in touch!

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    I have PM'd you.

    We are extremely interested in setting up a long term relationship (2 yrs). I PMd you with some opening questions. Please email me at your earliest convenience.


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