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Thread: Two sanitary positive displacement pumps

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    Two sanitary positive displacement pumps

    I have two stainless steel sanitary positive displacement pumps. One is a Waukesha DO series size 10. This is an electric motor driven pump (motor not included) It has the pump body and the gear box intact, you just need to add some type of a drive. The fittings are one inch on either side and it can easily move highly viscous fluids at around 5 gallons a minute. The second pump is a Wilden double diaphragm pump size M. It has 1/2 inch fittings and is air actuatted so you need a compressor. The diaphragm pumop could use a rebuild kit. Thankfully, they are easy to take apart. These pumps are located at a warehouse in Denver 4420 Glencoe Street. We are here 9-4 M-F, please stop by to inspect. write

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