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Thread: German Used Equipment Suppliers?

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    German Used Equipment Suppliers?

    Hi probrewers,

    Just a quick question to see if anyone has used, let alone heard of the following German used equipment suppliers? If so, could you please post or PM... We are looking at all forms of equipment (brewhouse, packaging etc.). With the euro being weak at the moment, we're considering second hand stuff from Germany, particularly bottling lines...

    Used suppliers are:
    Albin-Halbritter (

    Huemmer (the ue shows a u with an umlaut)

    and finally, Seegraber (a has an umlaut)

    If anyone has experience, good or bad, or any potential pitfalls, we'd love to hear what you have to say...

    Cheers & thanks for your time,

    Matt Houghton
    Founder/Head Brewing Guy
    Boatrocker Brewing Company
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