The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery is an award winning production brewery (now with a modest tasting room as well!) specializing in delicious, full-bodied dark beers. Roughly 65% of our production goes into bottles (the rest into kegs). We are located in Farmville North Carolina (a small rural town in the eastern part of the state; roughly 15 miles from the larger university town of Greenville NC). We sold our first beer in August of 2004, and now we're brewing like demons to keep up with demand (current sales in 6 states)! We're growing and we need brewers to help us keep up!

We're looking for a "brewer." That's in quotes because duties will definitely not be limited to brewing! At a small company like this, everyone gets involved in many kinds of work (brewing, filtering, bottling, cleaning, more cleaning, building boxes, loading trucks, working festivals, etc. etc.). The person we hire will be a member of a small team. We all have to get along and we all work very hard (hot, sweaty, dirty, long hours). It makes no sense to consider this job if you don't have an abiding passion for beer and brewery work. Professional brewery experience or formal brewing education required.

If you think you would like to work in The Duck-Rabbit Brewery, please email a resume to Once I've gathered a few resumes, I'll get back to you between bottling sessions!

Note: we're also looking for a QC laboratory technician, but that's another post.


Paul Philippon
The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery
Farmville NC