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Thread: Head Brewer Opening - Seattle

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    Head Brewer Opening - Seattle

    Are you outrageously creative and enjoy a family atmosphere? Is your passion tinkering with recipe development and do find yourself longing for more than just brewing blasé beers for the masses? Do you have experience with a barrel aging program and can you brew an award winning DIPA? Are you not really looking for a new employer but just randomly looking at If so, you may be our next Head Brewer!

    Urban Family Brewing in Ballard, WA (Seattle) is in the process of expanding our public house to include a brewery. We are looking to hire a World Class intrinsically motivated candidate. To be considered for our Head Brewer position, you will start by have the following attributes:

    • Currently employed
    • An amazing work ethic
    • Experience with a barrel aging
    • Passionate and enthusiastic about life
    • Experience with Belgian and Saison yeasts
    • Out of this world creative and not afraid to experiment with ingredients
    • Experience as Head Brewer or Asst. Head Brewer of a 15 bbl (min) production brewery
    • Salary DOE.

    A degree in brewing or brewery related field is highly desirable, but not required.

    Please submit your resume and letter of interest to:

    Christopher Ketcham / Malediction: Brewery Head Hunters


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    If you're not the best in the world...

    and not currently employed, we don't want you. Nice! Good luck with your new, egomaniacal, job jumping, next-to-God, stud brewer. From this guy with lots of experience from the largest brewery in the US, to regional to local, you might consider someone who is 'hungry' as they might work harder, have less attitude, and knock the job out without so much as a whimper. Couldn't believe this posting.

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    As a small business owner I in no way look at people currently unemployed as unemployable or inferior workers. In fact before I opened Urban Family, I was unemployed for a period time. I also 100% agree that in most cases the reverse of this is true, previously unemployed workers tend to work harder and are more loyal long term than others. We currently employ 4 people in our bar that were unemployed when we hired them.

    With that being said, as I'm sure many of you know, owning and operating a business requieres difficult choices to be made all the time. Some of these choices may come across one way but in fact may be made for entirely different reasons altogether.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have have any questions or issues

    Timothy Czarnetzki
    Urban Family Public House

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