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Thread: Job Announcement: Assistant Brewer

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    Job Announcement: Assistant Brewer

    Job Announcement: Assistant Brewer
    Tin Man Brewing Company is currently accepting applications for Assistant Brewer. We are a micro-brewery in the start-up phase, and are currently in the middle of construction of our 20,000 square foot facility. We plan to hire for a start date in the middle of June, 2012.

    Located in Evansville, Indiana, our brewery sits on the edge of the three largest US craft beer supermarkets. We are well positioned to grow quickly in order to serve these markets using our unique brewing system and techniques. We are the first customer of the new High Efficiency Brewing System (HEBS) from IDD, which will allow us to brew very quickly and with a significant reduction in consumables.

    Evansville is a beautiful city located on the southern tip of Indiana on the Ohio river. With a newly renovated river walk and Main Street, it also has a new 11,000 seat arena, semi-pro hockey and baseball teams, a river boat casino, a thriving night life, many family-focused events, and boasts the second largest American street festival (next to Mardi Gras).

    Tin Man is different!
    We think outside of the box*when it comes to how to brew craft beer. We are currently implementing three key technologies that are revolutionary in and of themselves, but will change the way you are used to working. So the ideal candidate is an experienced professional brewer, who is very good at thinking about the best, and most efficient way to work.

    We also believe that the best beer comes from those with the biggest heart and drive to create. Many assistants do not have the ability to express this in a production brewery, but we are different! We will have an Assistant/Cellarman line of beers that will be served in our tasting room. So the ideal candidate will also be driven to create unique beer.

    We estimate our first year of production to be 6,200 HL (get used to it - we’re metric :), which we hope to increase to 20,000 HL by year five.

    Position Attributes:
    • Reports directly to the Head Brewer
    • Main duties to assist and support Head Brewer in completion of the brewing process
    • Communicate with the public in our tasting room
    • Aid in the creation of new beer recipes
    • Heavy role in yeast management

    Required skills and attributes:
    • A minimum of 1 full year of professional brewing experience as a full-time production brewer
    • Physical abilities commensurate with the duties of brewing, in the form of passing a physical fitness test and performance of duties test. The duties test will focus on flexibility, manual dexterity and stamina
    • Excellent communication skills with the public, personable

    Preferred skills and attributes (not necessarily in our priority order):
    • Industry brewing education with completion certificate
    • In depth knowledge of microbiology, chemistry and thermodynamics
    • Ability to make Head Brewer laugh daily ;)
    • Mechanical troubleshooting and repair
    • Multitasking and time management skills
    • Has individual ideas, but integrates well into a team
    • Forklift certified
    • Packaging experience
    • Cask and barrel aging experience
    • Brewery laboratory experience

    Time Frame:
    We will accept applications for this position from April 1st through April 20th. We will begin review of these applications starting on April 23rd. We will continue to collect resumes until the position is filled, but the first round applicants will have priority.

    Starting Salary: $32,000 annually
    The perfect candidate will be at the beginning of their professional brewing career, and the above salary is commensurate with this level of experience. Candidates with an exemplary resume will be considered at their commensurate salaries.

    Review Process:
    We love homebrewers, however we are not yet accepting applications for brewers with no professional experience (don’t worry - we will in the future). We will be discarding from the consideration pool, any resumes that do not list the number of years of continuous full-time production (micro or brewpub) brewing experience within the first paragraph of the resume. If the experience is less than two years, list the number of months instead.

    After this has been met, we will review the application in order of our preferred skills and attributes. We like individualism and creativity, which is why we are not making you type everything over again into an online resume form (yuck ;). So use your cover letter to have a little freedom to be yourself. Use your resume to state the facts about your skills, education and work history.

    Provide three work related, non-family references with your submission. Candidates who move forward, will have these references contacted.

    Submission Process:
    Email cover letter and resume to, in the form of a PDF file. Any other file types will be discarded from the consideration pool. Make sure to type "Assistant Brewer" in the subject line.

    Luck of the Irish be with you,

    Sean O’Rear
    Head Brewer
    Tin Man Brewing Company

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    Last chance for round one

    Thought I would bump this up to the top as we are only accepting apps for a few more days for our first round of applicants.
    Sean O'Rear
    (812) 306-4781

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