Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits in San Diego is currently looking for a Brewer/Distiller to join our growing team.
Ideal candidates must possess:
- A strong and committed work ethic
- Ability to work under the direct guidance of both Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits Lead Brewer and Quality Control Manager/Distiller.
- Ability to multi-task, work independently, but also to integrate him/herself "into the fold."
- Love for the art of craft beer and craft spirits, but dedicated to the science behind them as well
- A true concern for the safety and well-being of self, your brewery and your co-workers
- A willingness to meet and be ever-mindful of our safety goals and procedures
- Ability to meet the physical challenges of brewing, including lifting 50-60 lbs multiple times during the day, climb stairs on a regular basis, strength to grip and manipulate tri-clamps, hoses, valves, and other small pieces of equipment on a regular basis
- Enough scientific background to be able to read and understand instruments & calculations
- Flexibility in work schedule, including weekends
- Effective time-management skills & ability to prioritize
The duties of this position include, but are not strictly limited to:
- All aspects of brewing, including the brewing itself, cellaring, and sanitation
- All aspects of distilling, including running of both stills, CIP both stills, CIPS fermenters and proofing tanks, Proof spirits for bottling, Assist with bottling Spirits, Fill barrels for aging, Make Rum wash, Make Whiskey/Bourbon wash, Assist with inventory, Maintain production logs and General distillery clean up
- Reading, following and maintaining recipes with strict attention to detail
- Presence & participation in beer festivals, special beer events, community involvement
- Hands-on maintenance related to brewhouse equipment, parts, etc.
- Problem-solving, trouble-shooting
- Following all sanitation & safety-related procedures stated by Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits SOP at all times
- Doing "what it takes" to maximize brewery production, keeping highest quality always in mind
Please email all resumes to and