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Thread: DIY Keg clean/ sanitize pump and hose questions

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    DIY Keg clean/ sanitize pump and hose questions

    Okay building a manual keg washer with 3 sink and a manifold to wash my kegs. I'm the brewer and just got hired and the investers started to build the keg washer based on the frankenbrew youtube video. Basically 1 sink holds Acid#6 to clean the keg, sink 3 holds sanitizer and sink 2 is just a drain. There is water hooked to the manifold and Co2 also on the manifold. underneath are pumps connected the sink drains and then to the pumps. Also on the manifold is a pressure gauge.

    The pumps they bough are flojet pumps 3.5 gpm, 40psi max, 115 volts, 1.5 amps model 04300545. I called up the manufacture and they where not helpful... All I could find out is that they are only rated to 130*F so I know I can't use it the my cleaner. Now can I use this pump for my sanizizer i'm using Saniclean form 5 star which works at room temp?

    Now he have a KBAC brewery pump for moving our wort/beer and CIP on our tanks. I can use this for cleaning the kegs but they want to have a stand alone keg washing set up. What pump should I get to replace the flojet.?

    The tubing is Goodyear Pliovic clear 1/2'' ID..... I would think I would need a bigger ID hose to have enough pressure to fill the manifold and push up into the spear.

    Process wise what Psi should I be washing/sanizing at? This would be the psi on my manifold.

    Other advice for Cleaning kegs this way?

    Thanks for any help!!!
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    We use a standard braided 1/2" vinyl tube and a pair of 1.5hp high temp sump pumps for the cleaning and sanitizing cycles (though we are using five star caustic rather than acid #6). Definitely not the best permanent solution, as we have worn through a few of the pumps ($115 ea), but it has gotten us through the first year and a half until our premier unit arrives. For rinsing, we are just using brewers hose connected to our HLT that gets reduced to 1/2" at the coupler. Hope that helps some


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