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Thread: Contract Canning

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    Contract Canning

    We will be rolling out with a new IPA to be canned this summer. The current mobile canning market seems to be a little -to say the least- over priced.

    Any breweries in the Denver Area have a canning line that can be mobilized to 20th and i25 about twice a month (75bbl per run)? Interested in any offers!


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    Can Van in Calif. is much better $10 a case- flat rate.

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    Mobile canning is the only portable canning platform I know of in Colorado and it sounds like you've already talked to them.

    Breck just got a new canning line, same as upslope, mobile canning, crazy mtn, etc. Give them a call and see if they would be interested in contract canning. You'd have to keg your beer and take it there, I suspect it would lead to inconsistent fill levels though. Or hit up Wynkoop and ask them about using their hand canning line.

    If that doesn't work out look into buying a hand canner from cask for 10 grand, but at 900bbls a year you might as well buy your own canning line for 100K.

    Keep in mind small orders for cans can be difficult and storing them takes up a lot of space.

    Try e-mailing out to the BA Forum. Or give the guys at mobile canning another call. They strike me as great guys to work with and sometime down the road I hope they can a seasonal release for me!
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