Ninkasi Brewing Company is currently accepting applications for a FT Brewer. Brewers are responsible for production of the highest quality Ninkasi beer, operation and upkeep of brewing equipment and maintaining quality control throughout all aspects of the brewing process.

Ninkasi is a regional craft brewery making beers in the Northwest style. Our location to regional access for our primary ingredients, which include: Water, Malt, Hops and Yeast, have created a great beer producing region here in Oregon. With the strong regional hop industry, and access to the McKenzie River, source of some of the cleanest water in the world, we are well positioned for our goal of brewing only the highest quality craft beers. We are a company that believes in forming strong relationships in the communities where we do business, and enjoy promoting the social and cultural aspects that beer consumption has facilitated throughout human history. We believe as the ancient Sumerians did, and whose goddess of fermentation, Ninkasi, we are named for, that beer is an important and valued part of civilization, and has been so since the very beginnings of modern society.

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