Gents - I'm tired of debutant brewers with too many options and truckloads of hang-ups. Anyone have any VISION and DRIVE out there ?

SOLID opportunity in the mid-atlantic. 25BBL 4 vessel, 6000 BBL initial fermentation capacity, canning line, keg line, brands developed, new recipes needed, new construction + pub, contract brewing, $2M project fully funded.....

The right candidate will make $150k - $200K per year by Year 5

Seeking a business partner and brewmaster @ $65K+bonus+equity (Year 1). the right candidate will have :

at least 5-10 years experience (brewing, fermentation, yeast management, packaging, some back-office business experience...everything)

Must be a graduate of a brewing program

Must be able to work independently, manage others and build a team

Good references, excellent work ethic, must be hungry for success

No relocation hang-ups (this one is really annoying. you are not going to become a millionaire brewing beer in the same town you went to high school in....knock it off with that crap. You gotta move pal...)

Must be passionate about the craft, but ready to settle down and grow with a 5-10 year business plan

If you DO NOT have any of the problems with the items listed above, then please email me your resume at