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Thread: Seeking TURNKEY Brewery 25-30HL

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    Seeking TURNKEY Brewery 25-30HL

    Hi Ladies/Gents
    Curently in the market to upgrade to a full (APPROX.) 25-30HL brewery.
    Looking to purchase a whole "package deal" if possible?

    1) Brewhouse 25-30HL (3 Vessel.. Mash, Lauter, Kettle/WP) Heat Ex ect..

    2) Cellar - 4 to 6 Insulated, jacketed uni-tanks/fermenters (60-70HL)
    6-8 Insulated, jacketed Cond. or Brite tanks (60-80HL)

    3) Glycol System if possible... not important

    4) Bottleing Line if possible... not important

    If anyone has a lead or currently selling please PM or email
    Cheers everyone!

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    brew equipment

    Hi i can quote on a complete system set up or not
    visit my site:

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