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Thread: Head Brewer/Nano Brewer

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    Head Brewer/Nano Brewer

    Wanted a brewer:
    This position is for passion... we have 36 taps to play with!
    We want you to help create the brewery. We are a full service restaurant and bar doing well and we are getting ready to open the Nano brewery operation.
    We want to have fun with beer!

    Show the love!
    Work Hard!
    Know your stuff!
    Be a brewer, have commercial experience and love to homebrew!
    Once again show the LOVE!

    We are located in Phoenix
    We have 300 seats on a busy day!
    We will let you roam, but want a few brews!
    We will have guest brewing!
    We will do a lot of one offs and need help organizing recipes for guest brewers.
    We want you to have fun, make great beer and interact with the public.
    We don't have any of the big brewery benefits, but if you are the man may in the future.
    We need to know what you want for a salary and when you want to start?

    We should be ready for you in a month!
    Please email me at
    I would love to chat as well!
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    Nano Brewery

    We are looking for someone that is currently in Arizona if possible and knowing your stuff is key to the setup and management of the brew house, It is small, but we plan to have lots of brewing going on and want someone who can deal with all personalities as we will be having lots of guest brewing. We are in AZ and would love input as we are novice homebrewers.

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