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Thread: Westfalia Centrifuge Separator - about 10bbl/hour

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    Westfalia Centrifuge Separator - about 10bbl/hour

    This is sold... but see the response below from Sound Brewery who purchased this. please contact Karl Poppenberg if you want a similar model as this...his email is karlp at sepinc dot com

    Westfalia Continuous separation centrifuge
    Complete User Manual Included
    20 liter/min is the expected rate of separation.
    6 Liter semi-automatic waste bowl, which will dump extracted particles using the controls to increase the back pressure and feed DI water, this process only takes a minute and you can resume separation without having to stop and manually clean the bowl every time it fills.

    Not sure exactly, it depends on your particular wort/beer, but you should expect to centrifuge about 10bbl per hour with this. Probably slower with a stout, faster with a light lager.

    The flow rate depends on the liquid and solids you are trying to separate, and can vary up or down.

    This system (Separator and Controller on moveable skid on wheels, so its easy to move around the brewery) was purchased in 2009.

    It is owned by a lab trying to remove small proteins from milk. A couple hours after implementing this into the production process, it was clear this is the wrong equipment for the the application (those familiar with Stokes Law know that if particle density and liquid density are too similar and particle size too small, then adequate settling velocity is too slow). This was NOT intended to separate milk proteins from milk, but for wort and green beer, its awesome.

    This could be used after boil, or after hop back (if you use whole hops) to remove:

    Hot Break, Protein-Polyphenol flocs (especially when you use finnings), hop pellet debris, organic particulates

    And it can be used after conditioning before you bright beer tank for further clarification.

    Obviously, with these volumes its best suited for a small brewery. And its ideal if you don't have room for a whirlpool vessel.

    Or if you are tired of messing with plate filters or DE, you can still get great stability in your beer this way.

    It was professionally removed and prepared for storage in June 2009, thinking it would be useful for their process in the future. But they are going a different direction entirely and this will not be applicable.

    Solid Bowl Disc Centrifuge, high grade stainless steel (316, i think..its definitely food grade) max bowl speed 8520 rpm, clarifier design (liquid/solids separation), centripetal pump liquid discharge, explosion proof drive motor.The unit only has 44 hours of use

    It was fully refurbished by a Westfalia certified technician and is certified to have the same readings (Vibration, pressure, etc) as a new machine.
    It has been fully dismantled and rebuilt to conform to the latest safety standards of centrifuge construction:
    NEW bearings
    NEW gaskets
    NEW gear box oil
    Controls and meters have been calibrated with certification.
    All is installed on easy to move around steel frame cart with wheels.

    This is essentially new condition.

    Price is $20,000, and can be negotiable (especially if you can pick this up yourself in Riverside, CA). and you can have 30 days to test it out, if it doesn't work for you, you can get your money back. Not trying to leave anyone stuck with an investment that can be any use to them.

    Private message me or email me Justin at andrewsontherun dot com

    Pics attached:
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    can you give me the exact model number. Need to do some home work on the unit.
    Jacob Simmons
    Backpocket Brewing

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    Sent a PM thru probrewer.

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    The model number is KA6-86-076

    I can just email you the user manual and that should help with your research.

    My email is Justin at andrewsontherun . Com
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    Great Centrifuge!

    I drove down to Riverside and picked it up on monday morning.
    Arrived at the brewery with it yesterday morning.
    We happened to have our worst case beer ready...14BBL of double dry hopped, belgian yeast, cloudy, 10%ABV beer in the fermenter.

    Went from fermenter to bright tank in 2 hours with centrifuge in the middle.

    It never needed flushing or cleaning during the run, and was about 1/3 full of clay-like firm yeast cake the consistency of wood dough or clay.

    Beer is as bright as at 10 days with finings in our bright tank. We generally go two weeks and now we'll keg it on monday.

    Cleanup is easy. I want to menton that all we did was assemble it, sanitize everything, and ran beer through it. No trial runs, and we don't even have it dialed in yet!

    I'd say it's pretty much the perfect application.

    Thanks Justin! and Olof!
    If anyone wants to see pics of has questions just ping me.

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    any concerns of oxygen uptake with this thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dfreese
    any concerns of oxygen uptake with this thing?
    Its a closed bowl. The only possible way for air to come in is through a port on the top...the bowl maintains positive pressure anyway, but add (to the hose) a basic one way valve to keep air from coming back in and you are golden.

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