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Thread: Peanut products

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    Peanut products

    I'm toying with the idea of some sort of peanut flavored beer. I have seen mixed results out there with some very nut forward beers and some that leave you wondering why they call it peanut butter flavored. It sounds like most of the successful beers are using some sort of deoiled peanut product like PB2 or peanut flour. I also understand that some brewers are using extracts to boost the character. I've read some things that lead me to believe that adding the flour late in the boil might work better than adding it after primary fermentation. Mostly I've had trouble finding anything specific.

    So, I'm looking for any and all advice on making a peanut flavored beer: addition timing, boil or after primary, flour vs extract, quantity per bbl, what the TTB will and won't approve, etc.

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    PB2 will still rob your head retention big time, and it is extremely hard to properly mix with the wort. In my experience you'll never get enough flavor out of PB2 as your only addition. I've heard you can get good results with using peanut butter flavored cereal in the mash, but we've never used enough to actually make a big flavor contribution. Our best results of creating an apparent natural roasted peanut flavor have been when we use a Co2 extracted peanut butter flavoring. We use it at a rate of 50 ml per keg. But it is extremely pricey at $700 for one liter.

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    PB2 rehydrated (to a tomato soup consistency) used in secondary works great. But as others have said, doesn't have the peanut butter blast you'll be looking for. I also use Watkins Peanut Butter extract at packaging time. They both make a great combo and I have not had any head retention issues.

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