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Thread: Another water question

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    Another water question

    Below is water data for our area over 3 years. As you can see some of the parameters fluctuate quite a bit. As a result of that I think that I'll have to do some analysis on a routine basis in house as well as keep in touch and try to graph out the information to try to predict when the swings are going to be. The changes are mainly due to pulling from various sources thoughout the year.

    pH 7.5- 8.9
    Cl2 1.0- 1.8 ppm
    Hardness 20 -125 mg/l
    Calcium 24-50 mg/l
    Sodium 5.19- 11.8 mg/l
    Sulfate 9.3- 18.3 mg/l
    Bicarbonate 28.9- 73.4 mg/l
    Alkalinity 2.0-100 mg/l

    With that said what filtration should I be looking at for the water supply that comes in the brewery? I'm leaning more towards just an activated charcoal bed and then treatment for other aspects per brew depending on style. Can anyone shed any light on a reason I shouldn't be looking to do more than just filter any particulate and Cl-'s?

    Thanks folks!


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    Your approach may work adequately. The main things I see as problems are the varying hardness and alkalinity. Simple test kits from Hach or Lamotte for those parameters will enable you to assess what you should be doing to your water on brew day.

    Guidance from the Bru'n Water website and spreadsheet will help.
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