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Thread: 7 BBL Brewhouse under a 10 ft ceiling?

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    7 BBL Brewhouse under a 10 ft ceiling?

    I'm in the process of partnering with an existing microbrewery and will be relocating and expanding the operation. We will be moving up from a Sabco Brew Magic rig (honestly) and would like at least a 7 BBL brewhouse. A building we looked at has ample floor space but only a 10 foot ceiling.

    Is this adequate or should we keep looking?


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    10' for a 7 bbl system should be alright. But definitely check with your equipment supplier first. We have a 10 bbl system in a 10' ceiling space and it is really tight but manageable. If you are using a combi-tank hlt/mash check that you can mash in without being doubled over.

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    If you are a production brewery, I would keep in mind whether you will be upgrading to a 15bbl/20bbl system and the fermenter height requirement for double/triple batching for that 15/20 bbl system. I know that it may sound like a long way from where you are now, but it really isn't that far, and you might not want to move again in 3-5 years after spending all that $$$ on a buildout.

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