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Thread: Wastewater.

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    I am currently applying for a wastewater permit in the state of North Carolina, and would like to hear from some folks with regard to the amount of water they use in day to day op.'s as well as the amount of water being sent to sewage.

    Also, any ideas on reducing the amount of wastewater would be great.

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    Hey Rando,

    Can you provide more details about your brewery?

    For example, what is the size of your brewhouse, how much fermentation/ bright beer capacity do you have, what kind of filter, etc? Do you track your losses?

    Also, do you have a means to recover CIP liquid and re-use for other functions in the brewery? Do you recover/ re-use weak wort? How do you drain your yeast? There are many options on how to deal with any/ all of these items.

    Other things you should think about is what kind of neutralization the City requires before you discharge, if the city imposes fee hikes after you get past a certain barrelage, and if there are alternate means such as trucking off waste streams instead of discharging.

    You may have thought of all of these, and if you have, you're on your way. I'll check in and see if you need more info this week.


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    A point to remember

    Many sewage departments think that water in = water out. While this is basicaly true for residences and the majority of businesses its not for us. Make sure you get credit for beer produced as this will reduce your bills!!
    As for amount you can use up to 10X beer produced. Though 5X is a more efficent target.
    You also have to think about BOD. (Biological Oxygen Demand) This can be reduced by sending solids- trub/yeast/hops to solid waste though filtering/seperation operations.
    Good luck. I think all of us will be hearing more form our sewer departments in the future!
    Brewmaster, Fitger's Brewhouse
    "Your results may vary"

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    Thank you both for your input. To answer a few questions:

    I have two 10 Bbl brewhouses.
    I do not filter.
    I will send all waste to an aerator before moving it to a drain field.
    Eventually, we will either use CHP (Combined Heat and Power), or we will use all post aerated waste for a greenhouse.

    What I was really after. in my initial post, were some averages of what operational breweries are actually puting out.

    The state of NC has strictly interpreted my projected production as being equla to my actual output. I know it isn't true, and am sure you all know that as well. So, I was hoping to arm myself with actual numbers from existing breweries.

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