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Thread: transfering a carbonated beer

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    transfering a carbonated beer

    to transfer a carbonated beer, with minimal difficulty, i.e. foaming, you have to have equal pressures in the receving tank and the mother tank. to do this, pressurize the receiving tank with CO2 (and blow off the O2 in the tank until you smell pure CO2 running out of the blowoff - it will burn your nose when it is approaching pure CO2) and from the gas blowoff of the receiving tank, hook up a hose and run it back to the top of the mother tank. this will not only prevent foaming in the transfer, but can prevent oxidation.

    this doesn't work for filtration, however, as the filtration media rouse the CO2 from suspension and cause foaming. pumping foam is almost impossible (except with special pumps that fiemen use to pump foam onto fires), so don't bother. in this case, it is better to filter first and then krausen the beer in the bright beer tank, letting the yeast settle before packaging or serving; or not, since clouding at this stage would be minimal.

    cheers, John
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    Reviving an ancient post. I am soon to be double batching in a 15 bbl uni, carbonating in the same tank, bottling 1/2 the batch, and then transferring the remainder to a BBT in the cooler 20-30' away. I have always transferred uncarbonated beer before via pump and carbed in the BBT. In reading the above, I am a little unclear on how the carbed beer will actually flow into the BBT, with a balance line and equal pressure, without being pushed by CO2. Can anyone pipe in on how they are transferring carbed beer from a uni to a BBT/ST?

    Dave Cowie
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    If using a balance line you will need a pump. When transferring carbonated beer, I usually just push with CO2 and sacrifice some gas to keep the beer from getting beat up. I will set the receiving tank to blow off at the same pressure I got on my Zahm (typically 10lbs) and crank the pressure on the feed to keep it moving. It can be a bit tricky getting a butterfly valve to bleed at a constant rate and hold a certain pressure, but once you get it you're golden.

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    Try setting pressure in serving tank to same as uni. Hook up line connecting both cip arms so pressure is equal in both. Pump from uni to bbt. As beer leaves uni pressure will balance through the line connecting cip arms

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