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Thread: Industry Standards

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    Industry Standards

    I'm in the process of putting together a business plan for a small brew pub and have searched high and low for any and all industry standards I can find. Specifically, does anyone know:
    - the average # of beers a typical customer is expected to purchase
    - any numbers on total sales volumes of brewpubs (so I can take a comparably sized and located brewpub and compare it to mine)
    - typical profit margins for brewpubs specifically

    I'm almost finished with the plan and financials and would greatly appreciate any info that anyone may have. Thanks.

    Matt Hogan

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    The association of brewers publishes a list that outlines the approximate bbls that individual craft brewers are producing. You might use the numbers from those pubs that you belive emulate the size and style of your pub, as well as your general market. There are no industry standards that I know of that relate to per capita consumption, as sales of craft brewed beers vary greatly by region, ie. Oregon drinks more than Mississippi. You can get your states overall beer consumption through your state ABC, you also might want to talk to your local brewers association (presuming that you have one). As far as margins go, check out the prices at any successful local tap room. Your margins will relate to your local market more than it will to a general average, so charge as much as you can wthout getting empty pint glasses thrown at you.

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