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    Thumbs up Love of

    Tim McCormick, et al --

    I just want to extend kudos and admiration to the website.

    When the new owners (?) took over in 2001/2 (?) [got to get that memory checked! too much beer?], I was somehwat disappointed.

    I didn't like the new format and worried that would never again be its rich and vibrant self as before.

    Turns out, I was wrong. Again!

    I am real impressed with the site and so many of the contributors to it. I think it has actually increased my appreciation of our industry. And I love the new format.

    Thanks. You are truly a valuable addition to our industry.

    - John Rebelo

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    Thanks from all of here at ProBrewer!

    Actually, ProBrewer has always been owned by Real Beer Media. Real Beer Media also operates, a site for consumers of good beer. All of us here at Real Beer Media are dedicated to supporting the craft and specialty beer industry.

    I personally came on board in 2002 to remodel and administer the site. We have added lots of new content, redesigned the Forum and increased users dramatically. Sometimes the changes take awhile to get used to, but I hope they have all been for the better. It is an evolving process, with still more to do. There is more content to come and soon we will be adding a news service to better serve the industry with relevant and timely news stories.

    Real Beer Media also makes a living by designing web sites and providing online marketing specifically for small brewers.

    I have personally been in the craft brewing industry since 1983. It has been an extremely gratifying and rewarding trip; made so by the many friend who have helped my along the way. is a way to give back to the small brewing community, with the kind support of Real Beer Media.

    We are always open to ideas and suggestions.

    Thanks again for the thumbs up!


    Admin (Tom McCormick)

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