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Thread: Bottling Line Recommendations?

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    Bottling Line Recommendations?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a new (not used) Bottling Line in the 20 bpm range for under $100K US? That is: Rinser/Rotary Filler/Crowner/Labeler hand fed on/off. Also looking for a manufacturer that has a reliable supply of spare parts and after purchase support.

    Another requirement is low airs at fill. So a system with pre-evac.


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    Process & Packaging Machine Corp., which I'm a part of might be worth taking a look at. Check us out at

    We don't have any rotary fillers, but we do offer in-line multi head automatic filler/crowners that can be expanded. Start with a few valves based on your current needs, and then buy more and bolt them on as you grow.

    All our beer fillers have double pre-evacuation for low airs and inert gas leveling for precise fill heights. They're computer controlled and offer input panels for changing various parameters of the fill cycle. The Paradigm and Evolution fillers also offer multiple stored settings for up to 3 bottle sizes. After changing the machine around when you change a bottle size, you can recall those filling parameters instead of having to input them every time you change over.

    Obviously our fillers do numerous sizes of bottles with little or no change parts depending on the bottle size difference. Big differences might require new value guide rails, while small differences can be adjusted for with the rails already there.

    A Paradigm filler/crowner with 5 (expandable to 6 total) valves, capable of up to 20 bpm (standard flow valves), with automatic crown feeding and sorting, with rotary infeed and outfeed tables, a body only pressure sensitive labeler, vacuum pump (for the double pre-evac), and a semi-automatic case rinser is under 60k. You have to load and unload the semi-auto rinser before placing them onto the infeed table. If you prefer an automatic rinser, the total package us under 70k.

    A high-flow valve addition is available which replaces the valves with faster versions, making each valve capable of approximately 6 bpm per valve. So 3 valves would get you about 18 bpm. The valves are more expensive, but gives you a higher top-end speed with 6 valves on a Paradigm frame than the standard flow versions.

    We also offer the "Evolution" which is a larger frame than the Paradigm and capable of 12 valves total (instead of the Paradigm's 6).

    These are all new prices. Feel free to drop by the web page or e-mail me at if you want me to answer any questions. The prices currently posted on the webpage haven't been changed over yet, but went up about 10% across the board per an announcement on the page early last month.
    Brian Finley
    PPM Corp.
    - Manufacturer of Tabletop and Automatic Bottling and Canning lines -

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    After 25 years of running bottle lines in big companies and small ranging from 2 BPM to 1200 bpm my ideal bottling line is:

    manual feed to a single-filer with rotary vibration on SS chain

    9 head rotary rinser using <10ppm solution to drain

    9 head long tube filler with a small diameter bowl which limits surface area for air pick up and CO2 loss and absolutely no PLC running it

    3 head crowner with easily accessible crowning mechanisms

    exterior bottle rinse

    air wash over bottle to remove surface liquid

    rotary labeler with minimal # of handling and aggregate heads for cold glue or better yet - a decorated bottle!

    a rotary packing table channeled to allow multiple bottle pick-up

    Simple & easy and designed to run 10 HL/hr forever. 1 operator for the line and 1 makeup/loading/transfer human

    U-shape is mandatory by-the-way. It ain't rocket science but I could sleep at night with this. If I need more than this, sell to some sleazy corporate scumbag trying to conquer the beer world (no attitude there!). Never, ever surrender!

    I know this sounds like equipment that exists from present suppliers but once again, I run these things for a living and it is merely my fantasy.


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    Thanks Bob & Brian for your input!

    Rob, too bad that system is a dream!

    It seems to me that someone could make a decent filler/crowner that is reliable, and doesnt cost $250K. They are complex pieces of equipment, and sales opportunities are few.

    Can anyone ballpark estimate a small line from SMB?

    Thanks again for all your input.


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