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Thread: Wort and Beer Pumping Velocities

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    Wort and Beer Pumping Velocities

    Hi All,

    Does anyone know the recommended wort and beer maximum pumping velocities to minimise shearing/product damage. I am frustrated because I did some reading a few weeks ago and can't remember where I read it.



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    hi everyone,

    just in case anyone is interested, i found the answer i was looking for. according to Kunze the recommended flow velocity for beer and wort is < 3.0m/s, with velocities excess of this OK for short distances.



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    I am surprised he gives flow rates that high. Effective turbulent flow for cleaning starts at about 1.8 meters/sec, though some people reckon 1.5 is sufficient. Anything above 2.2 will be wasting energy for no real benefit, but with a large increase in back pressure over longer runs. You need sufficient flow for clean beer / water interfaces, which means turbulent flow - but not much above - i.e. somewhere between 1.5 and 1.8 m/s should do it. This fits in with my memory when I started out andd we were still using imperial measurement of speeds being quoted as 5 ft / sec for beer flow, 7 ft / sec for cleaning.

    I guess if you take the question / answer as what point does damage occur, then his answer is undoubtedly correct, but......


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    Hi Alex,

    Here are some miscellaneous max. velocity numbers as recommended by Siebel:

    1.5m/s for CO2-contaning fluid (to avoid shear)
    3m/s for water
    20m/s for CO2 gas
    20m/s for compressed air
    25m/s for steam
    1.5m/s for glycol cooling medium
    1.5m/s for milk
    2m/s for non-sparkling beverages

    There are a couple of extras in here for interest, but the recommendation for milk is interesting and is consistent with my previous experience...

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