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Thread: Beer promo ideas

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    Beer promo ideas

    I currently work at a restaurant but I'm very interesed in getting a new job with our local beer distributor as an on-premise sales rep. Our restaurant never does any type of beer promos or monthly beers. I would like to impress this company and I' m looking for ideas that might work. Could anyone share any thoughts on promos that have worked, fun, staff enjoyed. Any advice will be appreciated. thanks

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    Hold beer tastings, hire a well known expert or find a local "beer geek" to help you put together a good selection of beers to help promote beer in general, or use the selection of the distributor.

    Colaborate it with a chef and pair food with the tasting, It seems like many havent realized that beer and food work well together.

    Stay away from the "dumbing down of beer" which industrial giant brewers have been doing for the last decades. Dont just put a bunch of beer in the ice bin and throw some tshirts out and key chains, unless thats the direction you want to go...

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