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Thread: New Beer Idea!!! Anyone Interested

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    Question New Beer Idea!!! Anyone Interested

    I don't make to many posts but I am always reading and seeing what the latest discussions are. The reason I am posting this time is because my partners and I have a great beer idea. An idea that has never been done before. More than likely most people have never heard of anything like it. My partners and I are trying to start the company but are looking for someone with experience to help, or any brewery, brewpub, or private individual that may want to join with us. We would be more than happy to talk with anyone from the brewing industry, as we have talked to a few breweries thus far, but we are looking for someone who can work with us. I know this sounds like something that does not make sense, but it is because we are trying to keep quite until we can find the right investors or brewery who is willing to expand the beer market to a brand new sector. I hope to hear from some people, thanks for your time. You can contact me at
    Corey Sacca
    Josh Flaim
    Andy Krawchyk
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