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Thread: Meheen users unite!

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    [QUOTE=tarikapak;221627]Hi everybody!

    We just got our hands on a 2005 Meheen 6 head filling machine. Is there any way that we can find a user's manual?

    Thanks ��
    I just emailed Meheen and they emailed me the manual for our 2007 Machine,

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    Crimp width

    Quote Originally Posted by keiron View Post
    Thank you for the tips!

    I do not think the block is worn down as this is a machine from 2015 and the crimp has been poor since we got it. Sounds like we may be having issues with our air-pressure/flow, even though it never falls below 90psi.
    I will however try to tighten the main bolts in case they are loose. I'll update if/when we fix the issue.
    Is this still an issues?

    If so then another thought, since this machine has been doing it since new, is that perhaps you've got some of your pneumatics hooked up incorrectly. The bottle ejectors, up inside the crowing head, should move freely when the machine is on and air is being supplied to it. Just reach up into the crowning head and push up with your fingers, each of the ejector should move up into their cylinders without much resistance.

    Also assuming you've confirmed the spec on the crowning head against the bottle mould that you're using...noticed you were in Sweden and not sure where you are getting bottles/crowns, etc.


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