Until now I was happy workin' in the pharmaceutical industry for 10 years and homebrewing on the side. However I've seriously (yes seriously) been considering taking the 6-week WBA Associate Diploma course in Feb 2006 at the Siebel Institue in Chicago. I can work part-time during those 6-weeks and then return to full-time while searching for a job. This degree will supplement my bachelors in biology / chemistry from University of Illinois at Chicago and hopefully help me to pursue a career in the brewing industry. Ok, all of this is what I'm HOPING. I have a good knowledge base already, at least with the biochemistry aspect of things. I actually worked for a PhD as undergrad performing S. Cerevesiae research in molecular genetics...not for beer though....darn. Anyhow, I was hoping to hear from a few folks that attended the Siebel institute and perhaps give me tips, pointer, and or recommendations with regard to my pursuit of a happier career :-)

mark machak