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Thread: Hops, Hops and more Hops

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    Hops, Hops and more Hops

    HI Ralph & Ralph:

    First, let me tell you that you guys doing a GREAT job- keep up the good work.
    Second, can we expect higher alphas with the new crop coming up?
    Most small brewers having problems with using low alpha hops and having lots of trub in the kettle. I know there are more variables involved, but at our brewery it was the only variable that changed.
    Any recommendations.............................


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    Alphas in hops

    Hello Fred and Forum,

    The question was asked about alphas this year. It is a little early to tell at this point, but preliminary indications are that alphas will be at best normal. We will have a much better indication in about two weeks. I think the US hop production will overall be a little bit down or at best average because we have had a very hot summer. This tends to shut down plan growth and during the present cone growth. Sometime though this can make for a little higher alpha reading. Other main factor in alpha is how much nitrogen the grower is using. You need some for good grwoth, but too much tends to produce lots of vegetation with lower overall alphas. Let you know in a couple of weeks how things ar progressing.


    Ralph Olson
    Hopunion CBS LLC

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