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Thread: kegs of high gravity

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    kegs of high gravity

    Does anyone know of any company or brand that sells kegs of high gravity? or I would also be thinking of contracting to brew small batches of high gravity and then put into kegs from that brewery. If you know of anyone who does this or is interested in doing this, let me know

    Corey Sacca

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    I'm not trying to be an ass

    But let me be the first first person(after an amazing 33 have viewed it and no one has responded) to ask "what the hell are you talking about?"

    I'm totally lost by this question, maybe it could be clearified by the poster?
    Mike Roy
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    Let me be the first to say that it looks like you've posted a lot about relatively vague items regarding your business venture. If you have found a brewer to give you some trusted advice, great. However, if you haven't, I suggest you do.

    There's no reason to re-invent the wheel here. Most contract brewers/specialty drinks manufacturers should be able to give you an idea of what's possible and what's not on their systems. They should be able to direct you to bottles or canning (which may be simpler if you've been looking for 7 oz. bottles and not found them), labeling options (both screen printed and not), high gravity brewing, etc.

    If you're venturing into unkown territory, it's up to you as a businessman to complete the risk assesment, and venture forth with your eyes wide open. It's not up to the brewing industry to give you all the info for your "great idea" and then have you thrust another Red Bull or Pimp Juice upon the world.

    I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one here who finds it strange that you are interested in entering the brewing industry, but have:
    -no recipe
    -no idea where to get supplies
    -no idea what's actually allowed to be put into beer

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