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Thread: brewing smell?

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    Question brewing smell?

    Hi All,
    Well, we are just about to install our brewery in our pub and my neighbors decided to confront me now on the smells that might come from the brewery. We are going to have the kettle directly vented outside and we planned on having exhaust for the fermenters. What else should we do? Has anyone had similar problems? Both neighbors sell clothes and we have connected rafters and they are concerned that the smell will get into their clothes. Please let me know. Cheers and be merry!

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    Tell them that people will be so much more attracted to their clothes with hop aromas that they'd best get more inventory for the huge sales rush.
    I've never known fermenter smell to be a problem. I've never known kettle smells to affect clothing (although I'm surely immune to the smell.) If the kettle exhaust becomes a problem, try brewing when they're not open, or dissipating the exhaust stream with a fan. Worst case, look in the archives for a stack scrubber/condensor to eliminate the source.

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    Exhaust and isolation would appear to be your only choices. Two thoughts: One, hop / malt / fermentation aromas definitely hang around on clothing. Personal observation one, my coat closet often smells estery, and I notice it often when donning my jacket in the morning. My wife's favorite joke when I come home, "You smell like a brewery!". Personal observation two, after a late night brew, arising well before dawn for a flight out of the country, pulled on the same set of jeans and jacket. Upon arrival, picked out by dog at customs and given an uncomfortable time by the agents. (Hops being part of the cannabis family is all I can figure, for the dog was definitely interested. The longer version of the story is much more amusing! Over a pint some time.) That said, the aromas are very feint. So thought two: Do they have a problem with cigarette smoke from your pub? In my experience it is far more invasion, assertive, and clingy to clothing. If cigarettes are not a problem, brewing shouldn't be either.

    Some thoughts,
    Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales

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