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Thread: Auger adjustment

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    Auger adjustment

    Can anyone give me advice on adjusting our grain auger position? The screw has worn through the bottom of the casing. Also, does anyone fix these systems in California? Thanks for any info.

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    If you are talking about a flex auger, a sort of coiled spring inside a PVC tube, it is critical that the tension on the spring be set right. You simply stretch the spring the correct amount for the length of run you have and bolt it down. You can estimate whether you have too much tension or too little by seeing where the PVC is worn through. If it is on the inside of a curve, too much tension, outside of a curve, too little.

    We have a Flex-flow brand and I found a local dealer through the internet.

    Also, these spring augers generally don't work for left-hand curves. A left hand curve will wear out the PVC curve in no time.
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    Ya know, JBS, you really need to find a local distributer for that question. To do that, call the folks at Chore Time to get the California local for you down there. Amazingly, nearly all the auger systems made in the US as "feed systems" have interchangeable parts. It just works out that way. Also, Chore Time is now owned by Brock if my memory serves me. Give them a phone call (nice folks) and they'll tell you or go to their website.

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