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Thread: any feedback on bavarian systems?

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    any feedback on bavarian systems?

    Hopefully starting a brewpub down here on O'ahu and came across a 10bbl bavarian system--any feedback--comments, thoughts, ideas?--never worked on one--just curious--also does anyone know where to get the "the brewery planner" ?--any info would be great and much appreciated--finally anyone looking for investment oppurtunities?--i am working on a business plan--thanks again
    luke erdody

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    I have a Bavarian unitank that seems to be well-made, but I can't vouch for any other tanks or systems.

    The Brewery Planner is on the Brewers Assoc website,
    Linus Hall
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    I worked for about four years in a brewery with a 10 bbl. Bavarian system. We never had any problems with it at all. We brewed three times a day, five days a week and once on Saturday - one brewer got the wort into the kettle, the next brewer mashed out and started the next brew right behind him. The system worked like that for several years. Only when the owner could afford it and the market demanded it did they finally upgrade to a 30 bbl system (this was after I left). Now, that doesn't necessarily mean the owner didn't do some custom modifications - I have no idea - but that old work-horse never once shit the bed. As for energy efficiency and so on, I never paid any attention to that, so I'll leave it up to someone else to comment about it.

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    Bavarian made some custom serving tanks for us (45 psi) short and with all fittings. They met the tight specification I gave them, delivered on-time and at the quoted cost with excellent customer service. I was impressed and would use them again.

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