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Thread: More Thermoprobe Questions...

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    More Thermoprobe Questions...

    I have an older thermoprobe that needs replacing (one of the lead wires broke off and the remaining "nub" is too short to solder a new wire on), only I have no idea what the specs are for this particular probe. This is from a Pub Brewing system, manufactured in the mid 90s, no idea if this probe is original or not.

    I have read in various places that you have to know what you are buying with these probes, otherwise they simply won't work with the controller (different temp range, differential, etc.)... correct? The controllers I have are Partlow 1160, they seem to have been replaced by a newer 1160+, and unfortuantely the manual for the 1160 that I downloaded doesn't have any specs for what type of probe to use.

    McMaster and Grainger carry many different probes, and although they list the "type" (J, K, L, etc) and the temperature range, I really don't know which will meet my reqs. Is it as easy as picking one with a good wide temp range? Probably not.... The probe I am replacing is in a generic plastic housing and the probe itself doesn't have any markings or mfg info on it at all.

    Anyone out there have any suggestions? Anywhere I can get a good tutorial in thermoprobe technology?

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    It's hard to tell.......

    You need the complete part number off the device to know what it takes. The Technologic controllers we just ordered from Clifton Controls can be configured by the user to take PTC, NTC, J, K, and S, for example. The .pdf brochure I found on your Partlow in my first Yahoo! search stated they could take a range, but that could be a generic brochure.

    1.) Get the complete part number off the unit.
    2.) Call Danaher Industrial Controls at 1-800-866-6659. State your case there. Tell them the complete part number. Please note which slots the leads go into in the back of the unit.

    I have found manufacturers to be very helpful, and the probes don't cost a lot from them anyway, so it pays to go with OEM probes.

    As much as I shop from M-C, it never stops amazing me that many will spend extra money to order from them in lieu of calling the manufacturer or supplier to get exactly what they need because they perceive the cost will be greater, which is quite often the case.

    Good luck!

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    Are we talking about a thermocouple here? If so, take a look at some of the other threads on that topic with some great info (like looking at the color of the wires) on determining the TC type you have - and your controller needs.


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