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Thread: Packaging Beer in Kegs

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    Packaging Beer in Kegs

    Hello everyone.

    We are currently equipped to bottle our beer and want to explore the possibility of packaging in kegs. We would appreciate it if you could share any positive and negative comments about your experiences with implementing kegs in your packaging department. We anticipate a need to be able to process up to 50 kegs per hour.

    We would like information on the economics, the logistics, the benefits you experienced, shelf life and stability, the negative aspects, the day to day operational aspects, etc.

    Your responses are truly appreciated.
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    50 kegs / hour

    How many hours per day / days per week ?

    Filtered / unfiltered ?

    Sterile filtered / pasteurised ?

    How many different brands ?

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    Keg Plans

    Hello and thanks for your response. We hope to operate the keg line for 6 hours per day, 5 days of the week. The beer will be steriled filtered and there are 2 different brands.

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    Just to clear this up... You want to run 50 keg/hour, 6 hours/day, 5 days a week??? That would be roughly 39,000 bbl/year. (Assuming 1/2 bbl kegs) How much do you currently bottle? I would recommend looking up Beverage Machinery out of Toronto. Their "Bulldog" may suit you and they do good custom work, will meet any of your requirements. Just my opinion...

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