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Thread: Wanted: 3 -5 bbl system (read on)

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    Wanted: 3 -5 bbl system (read on)

    I'm looking for a system that is relatively new and in good shape. Ideally, i'm looking for a 3 bbl system. Hoping to find something reasonably priced and still in excellent working condition.
    I'm warning that I'm definitely not a cheapo, but I'm not looking for the highest end 3 bbl system on the market.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Wanted: 3 - 5 bbl system


    We are a custom fabrication shop located in Portland, OR. We can get you a quote for your brewing tanks if you can fill out this form on our website: We just need a few more details from you.

    Hope to talk with you soon! Cheers!

    Pioneer Tank and Vessel
    (971) 319-6600

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    Selling a 3.5bbl Price Schonstrom


    Are you still looking for a brewhouse? If so I have this one for sale.

    If you are interested please contact me at: thomasajanderson at gmail dot com

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    Are you still looking for 3bbl?

    We started building our addition at our brewery and after the fact, realized our tanks are to small for our purpose. Were going with 5bbl for our tap house. So I have these 3bbl all stainless non insulated, brand new tanks just sitting. Please email with any questions. Mash tun,Boil Kettle and 3 fermenters. thomaswyjack@yahoo.comName:  New tanks waiting.jpg
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    My name is RussD and I Own Quiet Giant Brewing co. llc, a custom brewery manufactuing shop in Lakewood Wa, USA.
    Just saw this post from you and I know it was from a while back but I just thought I'd through my hat in the ring and check.
    Are you still looking for a brew system at all?
    Feel free to look into what I have to offer on Instagram if you want to:


    I build 1/2 to 6.5 BBL ( 15 -210 gallon +/- ) Breweries Fully Turn-Key with either Electric or gas/propane power. Complete systems and fully operational.

    Happy to answer and questions you might have, not a problem.
    Have a good day!


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    I have a 3 BBL Insulated Glacier Brew Kettle never used perfect cond for sale

    Email me if you want more info
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