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Thread: Moving Brewery

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    Moving Brewery

    We are looking at moving our brewery out of our existing brewpub location. We are running at capacity now and will run out of brewery space by the end of summer. I have been asked to put together a proposal for the owners and I have a couple of questions. We have a 10bbl brewhouse with 5 10bbl FV and 2 10bbl Brite tanks in 900 sq. feet and everything is packaged in kegs. The new location will be a brewery with a tap room and small kitchen.

    1. Cost per square foot for construction (3000-5000sq.ft)
    2. Cost for silo. size??? current grain bill approx. 650#s/batch
    3. New grain handling system. Which type??
    4. Cost of forklift
    5. any thing else that you think I might overlook

    Thanks in advance. I am just doing a quick proposal so I can then go ahead and get some hard numbers. I know this is very broad but I don't have the time to be on the phone all day getting quotes if the owners aren't on board. Any ballpark numbers will help

    Travis Zeilstra
    Montana Brewing Co

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    Free 6000 lb silo in Santa Rosa, CA! May be used ones since you are in a ranching area...grain system, too. Check with bulk feed suppliers.
    Forklift could be 5k to 15k depending on needs.
    It may take unexpected amount of time to design, permit, and move a brewery-be prepared.

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    Hey, Travis!

    Get with Jason at Industrial Systems and Fabrication in Spokane, WA. They supplied us with a Brock Silo and our Chore Time Auger / Roskamp mill system complete with load sensors. Jason's a great guy and they came out to Mukilteo to install it. Good folks, and they do a lot regarding grain handling systems.

    They did both ours and Mac & Jacks's systems.

    Our Forklift was bought used from Pape Material Handling here in alrington, WA and is a Hyster 5,000 lb lift. You probably have some place local that does this same thing and give them a call. We paid around $10K for ours.

    Actually, there is quite a lot overlooked by the list of 5 items there, in my humble opinion. Asking the question, "Cost per square foot for construction (3000-5000sq.ft)?" needs a little more clarification and probably a Building Contractor's touch. If you're talking "brick and morter", there are a lot of hidden costs like land, legal fees, and <Gulp!> envirnomental impact statements / studies.

    6.) Utilities.
    7.) Signage.
    8.) Down Time Costs. (While the Brewery is being de-commissioned, moved, and re-commissioned).
    9.) Bank / Loan Payments. (It will take 1 year+ to build a facility and start it up. You have to make payments on that unless you won the Mega Ball Lottery).
    10.) Labor Costs. (It isn't allways just Contractors who are doing the work. You'll have a couple of part / full time folks moving things over, etc.).
    11.) Engineering Costs. (Architects, Brewing Engineers, Consultants, Designers).
    12.) Permit Fees / Licenses. (Don't sell that one short. It adds up!)

    This is just a few, Travis. have you folks thought about renting a building somewhere so you don't have to build a new one? Just a thought.


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    more info the better

    Thanks for all the input so far. Keep them coming. I know that you have brought up some interesting points so far but I am working on most of them already. The owners don't need to play mega ball! Too bad they don't share the wealth!

    We are looking at a steel building with brick, river rock, or log exterior. I was just hoping someone has built their brewery in the last two years and would have a some sort of cost for construction. I know it won't be exact.


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