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Thread: Questions to ask potential Distributors

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    Questions to ask potential Distributors

    I am just starting to be contacted by distributors interesting in distributing our beers. We have only been in operation for 2 months and have been self distributing all our beers - draft only. We currently have 65 accounts and are growing fast.

    I have a pretty good idea of some of the questions I would like to ask, but I was hoping for some advice to make sure I ask ALL the necessary questions. Please feel free to put in your 2cents on the subject.


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    Cash terms in the beginning - you are now getting paid within 15 days in NY, right? Waiting a month to get paid by the distributor will kill you. Explain that you need to be paid upon delivery for a while so that you can continue to grow the business for both of you.

    Line Cleaning - whose responsiblilty and frequency

    Co-op of what POS materials, advertising, etc?
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    questions I should have asked my old wholesaler

    1.terms like ihall suggested. maybe I'd try for 15 days instead of upfront.
    2. setup a fixed penalty for late payments (not an issue if you go with a big wholesaler).
    3. how often do they visit accounts?
    4. where do you fit in their portfolio?
    5. how do they see your brand in 1 year, 5 years?
    6. what kind of support do they expect? ride alongs, discounts etc.

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