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Thread: small bottling run

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    small bottling run

    I am looking to package 250 cases in 750ml bottles. I am looking for two things....

    a good source of bottles, I don't need a truck load, 500 cases will do.

    a economical source of labels and plain boxes for the bottles.

    I will probably be filing and labeling by hand so prssure sensitive labels will be my preference.

    any suggestions would be appreciated. I am located in the NYC area.


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    Hi Scott,

    I can help you for the bottles and cartons, for the labels I can find someone for you. I could ship you the bottles in cartons if you want.

    Are you looking to get a 750ml sparkling bottle or a 750ml Belgium style bottle?

    We have both in stock……..! No need to buy a truck load on skid will do.


    BTW We make deliveries in NY every week.
    Pascal Thibault - UNITED BOTTLES & PACKAGING
    Canada - California - Denver
    (450.622.1600 ext.243)

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