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Thread: Whirlpool Speed

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    Whirlpool Speed

    Hi All-

    I am not a brewer but looking for some guidance that I think you all could be very helpful with. I'm working on a project where I plan to force fish meal to the center of a tank that is 20' in diameter. Could I get some feed back as to what kind of rotational velocity I should try to achieve in the tank in order for this to be effective? I read somewhere that a tangential entrance velocity should be approximately 15 fps and that the entrance should be angled 15° in from tangential. Are these figures reasonable?

    If you're curious, the fish meal is from a fish oil plant. A scrubber is used to pull fish meal dust out of the air. The scrubber water recirculated from the above mentioned storage tank. My plan is to spin the water with the inlet and outlet flow for the scrubber, and pull a sidestream from the bottom center of the tank which will run to a filter to pull the fish meal dust out.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    i dont know about fish oils, but hot wort all you really need is to see the wort at the outer circumfrence moving around at a gentle but steady speed, depending on the design of your whirlpool bottom, you should get a good centerfuge.

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    fish dust removal

    you could probably have the whirlpool going by way of the scrubber. when your scrubbing, you are whirlpooling. or it could be a final step too. a depression in the bottom of the tank would be for catchment and final removal. i think the angle of your whirlpool should be adjustable so you can fine tune the angles and the speed. it would give you many options.

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