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Thread: Snap ring for sanke kegs

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    Question Snap ring for sanke kegs

    Hello, Any major disadvantages of changing the propietary sanke keg ring with a snap you can use snap ring plyers to easily remove?



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    There may be some liability if some dumby stealing your keg for homebrewing can easily open a pressurised keg

    Sabco has a cheap tool

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    The valve retainer ring is not designed to remove easily unless you put downward pressure on the tap and then work the ring out in a spiral fashion, it's a pretty safe design. I would be worried that a snap ring could break or pop out easily and then you would be liable for the damage. We've had keg stems blow out when the good retaining ring failed and the stem flies up about 20 feet, imagine that happening to your customers! I wouldn't risk it.

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    There is a cheap tool from Micromatic that will allow you to take the spear out in a matter of seconds-(once you've mastered it.) It's got a rubber handle and a bent flat sainless blade, fits in your hand. Don't give up on those rings.

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