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Thread: What Is Happening!!

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    What Is Happening!!

    Why is my plate and frame filter just sending excessive foam to my brite tank? It always seems foamy, but this time it has gone too far. I filtered for 4 hours, and only managed to transfer 3.5 Bbls. Yes I went through the racking port, it was only carbonated to 12.5 psi (what it always is carbonated too) Please help me before I go NUTZ!!!

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    Are you maintaining sufficient pressure in the tank you're filtering into?

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    Are your pressure gauges accurate?

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    A few slightly disjointed thoughts -

    Have a look at the pressure differential between the inlet and outlet of the filter. It should only be one or two psi at the start of the run, and on a small filter I would not expect it to have gone to more than say 5 or 6 psi at the end of the filter run. It sounds to me as if you are not dosing in sufficient powder to maintain a porous bed. Secondly, as already suggested, the receiving tank pressure may be too little, aim for about 15 psi , though if you have carbonated to 12.5, you may be OK a little closer to this value. Are you using filter sheets ? If so, wehn did you last change them ? There should only be a pressure diff of 1 psi after preoating. What powders are you using ? Is it too fine ? Is your beer as bright as it normally is before filtration - dirtier beer will need more powder dosing in line. Is it yeast of protein ( result of poor mashing & boiling normally) Finally what is the temperature of the beer ? It should be no more than 1 deg C, ideally minus 1 deg C


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