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Thread: What is Happening pt.2

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    What is Happening pt.2

    Sorry, my computer will not allow me to repond to threads, I have to start new ones. The pressure diff. between my F.V. and B.T. is 2.5 (12.5 in the fermentor, and 10 in the receiving Brite tank). I wenr back to the brewery today to finish what I started after a good night's rest, and I'm sad to report there was no progress made. I changed the pads, cleaned the filter, and triple-checked my guages. Today, nothing flowd through. The pressure diff on the inlet and outlet of the P&F filter was .45. Not too shabby. Here is where it get's interesting. There is no beer visible in the sight tube of the filter outlet, however, when I open up the sample port, beer! (or air, or foam, or whatever else it wants to spit out at me). Yesterday, 3.5 Bbl of beer in 4 hours, foamy beer from the sample port (which was dry until I opened it). Today, no beer filtered, air in the sample port (with occasional foam). 3.5 Bbl left in the fermentor to go. As I mentioned, I've always had a foam issue, but I would at least manage to get the job done. I don't always filter,but when I do,I would like to get it right, even though I'm no pro when it comes to using it. Until Dick mentioned it, I didn't even know I should be using a "powder" in conjunction with the filter. I just clean the plates, align the D.E. pads, moisten them up, tighten the corkscrew, clean the lines, and send the beer through. It was never an issue until yesterday. I must be doing some thing wrong.

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    I think Dick got it when he said the temp of the beer needs to be 1 or less degrees C. Is the beer going through a pump? Is the pump somehow warming up the beer? I would be interested to see what the temp of the beer is coming out of the filter.


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