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Thread: 20 year Craft Brewing Veteran available to Assist/Consult

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    20-year Craft Brewing Veteran available to Assist/Consult

    Need some brewing help or advice? Since you don't know what you don't know, put my 20+ years of brewing experience to work for you.

    Brad Mortensen, professional craft brewer since 1996, is available to consult or brew at your location. For 18 years I brewed for three independent craft breweries and a large brewpub chain, since 2014 I have been helping breweries startup and improve. I have spent my career in the brewery, making beer and managing situations as they arise. I am a hands-on, boots-on brewer willing to roll up my sleeves and work hard (NOT a point, criticize and bill consultant). I know great beer is made in breweries of all sizes and designs. I've worked on budget startups and on computer-controlled push button breweries, 3 barrels and up. Based in Nashville, TN but happy to travel to your brewery just about anywhere in the world or consult via phone, email and Skype.

    Some things I can help with:

    • Process Review and Improvement
    • Brewing
    • Recipe Design or Recipe Enhancement
    • Brewer Training/Hiring
    • Startup/Commissioning
    • Expansion
    • Decommissioning/Sale
    • Brewer Relations/Transition
    • Emergency Situation/Unexpected Turnover
    • Quality or Maintenance Issues
    • Review Layouts or Business Plans

    Resume and professional consulting references are attached. Email or call at 615-916-9755. My goal is to save you time and money. I speak fluent brewer, brewery manufacturer, ingredient supplier, prospective brewer and brewery owner. Speak and understand some contractor, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and refrigeration. Sometimes you need a translator to make things work smoothly.

    If I can't assist, I will always try my best to put you in touch with someone who can help with your situation. Fees fair and negotiable. Email today and let me know what I can do for you. Let's brew some world class beer together.
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    so how much do you charge or how would I go about your help? I am just trying to get started and figure out everything I need to know from the business side to the brewing and equipment. I live in a small town with about 6000 people. I am thinking 5 beers on tap and trying to get my beer in restraints around town and the surrounding area. I old home brew right now and make my own recipes up so i dont have any experience with the equipment and where to get started.

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