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Thread: Using copper post-fermentation

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    Using copper post-fermentation

    Does anyone out there have experience using copper post-fermentation in brewing systems?


    Chip Tate

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    copper post fermentation

    The only copper I have ever used post fermentation is a draft box made from 100 ft of 3/8" copper tubing, which I currently use for serving kegs of ale through. Prior to constructing it, I was concerned about possible metallic offtastes. After having used it for about 8 months now, I have not noticed this to be a problem. Someone elses pallet may be able to detect off flavors, but it tastes fine to me. Hope this helps. -Jwonn

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    Tradionally much brewing plant was made from copper, brass and bronze as these metals are malleable, can be easily machined and brazed or soldered together. Post fermentation plant wold have still leached out copper, zinc etc, but obviously not in sufficient quantities to affect the flavour, at least of the more robust beers such as stouts, porters and pale ales. Lagers may have been affected more noticeably - which may account for the pitch lined vessels used in Germany, rather than copper.

    From my experience working with copper pipes in old breweries, I have to agree that I did not detect any changes in flavours either.


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