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Thread: A stout mystery

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    A stout mystery

    Having some problems with my stout, hope someone might be able to offer some insight. Filtered about 10hl a few weeks ago and as per usual SOP gassed using CO2 to 1.95g/l (1 vol?), then nitrogenated using 100% nitrogen bubbled through at 3 bar and about 3degrees C for an hour. Pulled a pint off straight from the tank - beautiful cascade with a 2cm thick tight head, perfect! Kegged the stout and transferred to cold store but didn't put it into the bar for a couple of days. When I did put it on tap though it poured with a very, very small head (maybe 3-4mm). However after the second or third day of being on tap it was pouring with a fine big head again! This has been the case with all the kegs from this batch so far. We're using Guinness mixed gas at 40 psi to push the beer to the tap, is this dissolving into the beer and causing this effect do you think? Any ideas why the head disappeared in between tank and keg?
    I am very puzzled.

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    probably because all the nitrogen went to the top of the tank, Nitrogen doesnt go into solution. when you began to disperse with nitrogen/co2 mix it came back again.

    I may be wrong since Ive never performed this, its just some old knowlege I read somewhere.

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    We always nitrogenate first, then carbonate to 1.9-2.0 vol CO2 as measured with a Zamm-Nagel. Doing the nitrogen after the CO2 always knocked all of the carbonation out of solution for us - we would get a zero reading on the Zamm-Nagel after nitrogenating the beer. Try reversing the order. What probably happened is that you had very little CO2 dissolved in the beer when you first tapped it, and having it on tap with mixed gas at 40 psi re-carbonated the beer over time.
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