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Thread: 24 CPM Easy to Own, easy to Operate!!

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    3 24 CPM Easy to Own, easy to Operate!!

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    We design and build an easy to afford, easy to operate, easy to own, solution to your canning needs!

    Running on 110 volts, measuring just 8' long x 30" deep x 6' tall and mounted on casters, this machine can store and run just about anywhere.

    Lease plans with no money down and no payments until you start canning are available to you if you qualify. Other programs are available as well.

    For around $1,200 a month you can lease a full machine, with an automatic in-feed can rinser, and have just a $1 dollar buy out at the end of the lease!

    Call me,

    Todd Vriesenga

    (616) 745 6623

    We can get you started down the path of higher profits today!

    24 cans per minute

    60 Cases per Hour

    15 Minute set-up

    15 Minute Clean-Up

    Easier than the rest

    Perfect fill levels

    every time

    No Hassles

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    Our Advantage is Your Advantage

    Because we are located in "automation alley", we enjoy having the best design engineers, the best controls engineers. We also have the highest quality CNC and Laser fabrication shops on the planet. Our staff is experienced in making the complex simple, and durable.

    We have been told over and over that our system is far easier to operate than any of the others on the market.

    We have studied your needs and all the other equipment out there. Our System was designed, tested, and re-designed, leaving us with a solid, robust, easy to operate machine.

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    Easy To Own

    Once you have your own machine, you own your schedule!!

    Can on your time and on your terms. If you feel like canning at can. If product is not ready.....wait a day or two....No more schedules!

    Choose pre-printed cans from 12 cents a can (larger minimums), fill brights and apply pressure sensitive labels from 14 cents a can (small minimums), or choose shrink sleeves from 22 cents a can (small minimums).

    Do the quick math and see that ownership is going to save you a bundle!

    Built To Last

    Take The microcanner Challenge

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    Hi -

    Is this capable of filling 16 oz. cans?

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    Ad renewal Bump

    Thank you for supporting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lean Brewer View Post
    Hi -

    Is this capable of filling 16 oz. cans?
    8, 12 and 16

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