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Thread: fruit addition

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    fruit addition

    I am having a hard time getting my blueberry ale flavored right. I'm useing a natural flavoring from Mane, but I can't get it to mix well. I add about 1 gallon to a 7 BBl tank into the conditioning tank and then transfer the beer into the tank. I let it sit for a few days and then carbonate. The flavor is strong at first and weak after serving some. Where am I going wrong?

    I have also read alot about Oregon puree. I am interested in triing it, but how much and when do I add the puree?

    Thanks for the help.

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    We added 42lbs of raspberry puree to a 7bbl batch and it came out just perfect. I think if you switch to Oregon Fruit you will end up wondering why you did not do it sooner.

    As for adding it. I added my fruit at racking from secondary to serving. This allowed the beer moving into the tank to churn the fruit into solution. You will have some settling as the tank moves towards being empty but generally you will have an even distribution of the fruit throughout the batch so that the 1st pint and the 1700th have the same flavor, aroma and color.
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    I've been wary about adding fruit purees to my SV's, as I'm concerned with debris clogging my draft lines. I'm sticking with my concentrated fruit juices -- no fruity debris
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    I second the praise of concentrated fruit juice.
    The flavor is identical to fruit puree, and the filtration is a breeze with my losses cut by a third too!

    The only drawback is that I dont get the same red/purple hue I had with the puree.


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    HI Jack

    If using whole or pruree add it to the fv after primary, about 4-5 days. Adding peptic enzyme will help clarity/filtration. 2 42pnd bags/10bbl is alot of flavor.
    When using extract inject though sample valve or prv. The stuff is very viscus and will sit on the bottom of the TT. Probably why your flavor changes.
    better yet hook up your pump to the seving port and recirc the beer though the prv (using a hose under the beer surface) for a while to mix. I've used this method with honey beers.
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