We've recently upgraded our unit and as such are selling our former piece. We currently have the Alcolyzer Beer ME from Anton Paar, its been an awesome piece of equipment for us. Sale includes everything you need to run unit, hoses, printer, base unit, alcolyzer, dma, etc. It's in perfect shape, properly cleaned and maintained. Manufactured late 2012. Fresh annual completed last week! Fully Refurbished including new touch panel by AP and in box! Works great for Cider, beer, Kombucha and hard soft drinks with %ABV below 15%.

Asking 40k obo.

I've linked a brochure below that covers it. I've also linked a few manuals below.

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sorry couldn't get pics to load vertical....

email me for any details:



Beer Analysis Overview Brochure:

Alcolyzer Analyzing Systems, Instruction Manual

Alcolyzer ME Instruction Manual