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Thread: Turnkey Brewery, In Operation For Sale in Hong Kong

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    Turnkey Brewery, In Operation For Sale in Hong Kong

    We recently moved to a new, larger setup to keep up with demand. We are still operating our first brewery and will consider offers to purchase the equipment or if you are interested in operating in Hong Kong, takeover a fully commissioned brewery to operate. It is approximately a three year old custom system and continues to serve us well. If you choose to takeover existing operations, it is already fully licensed and we can arrange transfer or license as well. Needless to say, we are also open to offers that would require dismantling and shipping the brewery. At this time however we are not accepting any offers for individual pieces of the equipment. Some details below and we can send more information to serious parties by email.

    * Three vessel brewhouse (heated mash tun + kettle, lauter-tun, dedicated whirlpool), designed for 10HL brew length and for most regular gravity beers we are able to do upto 12HL
    * 4 X 20HL unitank jacketed fermenters
    * 3 X 10HL unitank jacketd fermenters
    * 1 X 10HL glycol tank
    * 1 X 10HL HLT
    * 1X 10HL city water reserve tank
    * Chiller
    * Electric Boiler
    * 2 Head Keg Washer
    * Brewhouse and fermentation control system
    * Hoses and other misc equipment like air compressors etc.
    * For those interested in operating in Hong Kong, as is, the total area is approximately 3,500 sq ft with ample storage space for grain, cold room, admin / office etc. We would also look at offers to sell the brewery and lease back some contract capacity while the new owners ramp up

    Interested parties please email
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    10HL System, Used only 3 years for sale

    Buyer will be responsible for removal and shipping. However assistance for the same can be arranged and is negotiable.

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    Our system is still available for sale. It would suit someone who wants to operate a startup brewery in Hong Kong the best as our existing license, utilities work etc. can be transferred and reused, which is a big cost saving and a much bigger time saving. Having said that, if you are interested in moving the equipment elsewhere, its always possible.

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    location in hong kong?

    send me asking price for the system to


    and where about in hong kong?

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    Is this system/Brewery still available still.

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