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Thread: 4bbl Brew System For Sale

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    4bbl Brew System For Sale

    Hi all, we are increasing our capacity and are looking to sell our 4bbl system. Here are the specs:

    Pierre Rajotte 4bbl System, which includes:
    -195gal Kettle w/ burner shroud and 7" B-Vent
    -145gal Mash Tun
    -Two 4bbl fermenters
    -Counterflow Wort Chiller

    -McCann Fabrication 4bbl Brite Tank

    -Beverage Factory 1/2hp Glycol Chiller w/ two pumps

    -Rolling Ladder/platform

    -The Rajotte system was built in the late 1990's, and was used until around 2003-'04, then placed in storage until we purchased it in 2013. The Mash Tun comes with a perforated false bottom, hinged lid w/recirc sprayer, rotating sparge arm, two side ports and a bottom center port.
    -The kettle is direct fired has a stainless skirt that surrounds the burners and has an attached draft diverter for the 7" B-Vent chimney. It has a bottom I used three Solarflo burners tied together for a total of about 330k BTU's per hour, hooked up to a valve. Burners are currently being used with new kettle so are not available. Kettle was replaced this past summer after the weld along the bottom where it meets the sides cracked in multiple places from expansion/contraction. Was repaired and is currently liquid tight but I needed a kettle I knew was not going to have any issues so it was replaced.
    -Fermenters are single walled but insulated, have a cooling pill attached to the manway door, thermowell, bottom port, and racking arm in the cone port.
    -Brite tank is single walled, was manufactured by McCann Fabrication here in Maine, has PRV, sample valve, thermowell, carb stone, sight tube, spray ball & pressure gauge.
    -Glycol chiller is Beverage Factory/UBC 1/2hp line chiller with two pumps (one for each fermenter). Uses Johnson controllers to independently run each pump.
    -Rolling ladder/platform

    Looking to get $15,000 for system, will ship at buyers expense. NOT looking to separate system. Feel free to pm me with further questions and I will email you back promptly.

    Matthew Swan
    Tumbledown Brewing
    Farmington, ME
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    Very interested PM sent

    I'm very interested in the system. PM sent cheers!

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